Two-day Seminar:

  • Single-camera Vs Multi-camera - the fundamentals explained
  • Crew departments and roles explained
  • The grammar of shooting
  • Shooting-style options - what and why
  • The Frame - how it works
  • Lens choice - what and why
  • Moving the camera - options and reasons
  • The Line - rules, tips and tricks
  • Sound - the importance and the pitfalls
  • Working with the script
  • Pre-production - what’s involved and the 7 P’s
  • 1st A.D. - your best friend explained!
  • Shooting script and storyboarding
  • Planning and shooting for the edit
  • The morning of the shoot!
  • Working with Actors - getting the best from the scene
  • Shoot etiquette - the unwritten rules
  • Efficiency and the pressures of time
  • Improvising and expect the unexpected
  • Q&A Session

This comprehensive seminar is designed to take you through each stage and process involved in bringing your shoot home successfully, on time and within budget; plus invaluable tips and shortcuts used by professional directors.